BOPP Adhesive Tape Jumbo Rolls (1280MMx4000M)

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BOPP adhesive tape Jumbo rolls (1280MMx4000M) BOPP adhesive packing tape Jumbo rolls(Bopp Transparent & Brown Tapes acrylic water base & solvent) were widely used for slitting medium/smaller rolls for sealing heavy-duty cartons. BOPP adhesive packaging tape with water based acrylic adhesive, high-tensile strength and adhesion 1.) Material: BOPP film + adhesive glue BOPP film thickness are: 18,19,20,23,25,28,30,35,38 40 Microns Adhesive tape : acrylic water base,slovent base and rubber base BOPP adhesive tape also called Packing Sealing Adhesive Tapes,packing tape,adhesive tape,BOPP tape jumbo rolls,BOPP tan tape, BOPP brown tape,Polypropylene tape,BOPP clear tape, BOPP printed tape,BOPP brown tape,BOPP smaller rolls, BOPP water based tape, BOPP solvent based tape,BOPP rubber based tape,BOPP acrylic tape,BOPP crystal tape,BOPP jumbo rolls 2) Colors: clear,tan,yellowish,red,dark brown,light tan,white,red,blue,green,black,multicolor and printed logo/letter so on. 3) Thickness: 35,36,38,39,40,41,42,45,48,50,53,55,58,60,63,65,68mic 4) Width: 520mm,980mm,1020mm,1265mm,1270mm,1280mm,1300mm,1620mm ,1640mm,and others 5) Length: 3000m,4000m,4500m,6000m 6.) Size:jumbo rolls tapes, smaller rolls 6) Qty: 1200rolls/day Customer\'s own requirement is available for us. Such as : buyer\'s own printed OEM logos,private label,particular size and private package styles.
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