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Asia Pacific International Co., Limited
Is a large-scale multinational group of companies which gather the production, research &development

and market sale. Company adopts the multi-management business model.Mainly manufacture flexible plastic

packaging film industry, plastic products, plastic sheet/card industry, office & packaging usage paper

industry, and electronic component industries. Our main products are followings: 1. Flexible plastic

packaging film industry. 1.) BOPP film Such as : BOPP plain film ,Heat sealable BOPP film, BOPP matte

film, BOPP pearlized film ,BOPP flower film ,BOPP thermal film, BOPP tobacco film ,BOPP tape-grade

film, BOPP capacitor film ,BOPP Sheets , BOPP mini/smaller roll .
2.) BOPP adhesive tape clear jumbo roll or slit smaller roll 3.) BOPET/VMBOPET film 4.) CPP/VMCPP film

5.) BOPA film & BOPS film 7.) POF/PE/PVC cling film for food /pallets packaging and PVC cards 8.) tear

tape,tear clips,tear for dates,pof film 2. Package machines,slitting machines,coating machines,printing

machines and machine parts 3. Office & packaging usage paper industry
1.) Copy paper 70GSM , 75GSM ,80GSM A4, A3, 8.5\"x11\"(letter size), 8.5\"*13\", 8.5\"*14\"(legal size)

11\"x17\" , 22\"x34\" , 23\"x35\"2.) Jumbo roll size copy paper 3.) LWC paper (lower/light weight coated

paper) and Coated paper 4.) Offset paper and Newsprinting paper. .
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Asia Pacific International Co., Limited

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Asia Pacific International Co., Limited

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