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S&K (SANKEN) Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality, precision glass making machinery based in China. We specialize in the design, creation and manufacture of machinery for all elements of the glass processing industry.
For almost a decade we have provided quality glass machinery sales, service, installation, technical & solution support throughout the world.

In addition to mainland China, we have provided export sales and support to more than 80 countries in all over the world including: Italy, Poland, England, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Germany, France, Finland, Spain, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Panama, Guyana, Russia, Ukraine, India, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Yemen, Bengal, Czech Republic, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, South-Africa, Tunisia, Ghana, Algeria, Libya, Kenya, Morocco, Guinea, Cameroon, Madagascar, Benin, Dominica, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Thailand & Vietnam...Our list of satisfied clients is growing monthly.

We offer specialized machinery for all phases of glass deep-processing, including:

Glass Cold-Processing Equipments:
Glass Straight-Line Edging Machine;
Glass Beveling Machine;
Glass Double Edging machine;
Vertical & Horizontal Glass Washing Machine;
Vertical & Horizontal Glass Drilling Machine;
Glass Irregular shape Machine;
Glass Sandblasting Machine;
Glass Cutting Machine;
Glass Waterjet Machine;
Glass Engraving Machine.
Glass Plotter
Glass Mosaic Making Machine

Glass Hot-Processing Equipments:
Glass EVA Laminating machine;
Glass PVB Lamination Production Line
Glass Flat Tempering Line
Glass Right-angle Bending & Tempering Furnace
Glass Bending & Fusing Furnace.
Multifunctional Glass Heating Furnace
Glass Mosaic Making Furnace
Glass Wash Basin Making Furnace
Tempered Glass Heat Soak Testing Furnace.

We look forward to offering you the best glass deep-processing equipments with highly economical prices.

On the basis of mutual benefits and further development, we are sincerely willing to be hand in hand together with you in sharing of fruitful success.

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