Pure Natural Sweet Almond Oil,almond Oil,food Additive Oil,base Oil,carrier Oil,

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Pure natural sweet almond oil,almond oil,food additive oil,base oil,carrier oil,CAS 8007-69-0 A kind of neutral base oil Ingredients: vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, E, proteins, fatty acid Features: light yellow,the taste is soft,with lubrication but very refreshing,not greasy is neutral base 1.Easy to absorb, rich in vitamins,has moisturizing and hydrating magical effects,soothing and antiallergic effects. 2.It is a kind of skin and moisturizing effect excellent vegetable oil. 3.Can stimulate the endocrine system of the pituitary gland, thymus and adrenal, promote cell regeneration. 4.can be used directly after bath massage Lily Zhang Jiangxi Global Natural Spice Co., Ltd. Tel: 86-796-8106598 Fax:86-796-8116585 Web:www.jxhqxl.com E-mail: spicesales@hotmail.com globalspicesales@gmail.com Add: No.89, Wenshan Road,South Industrial Park, Jishui County,Jiangxi Province

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Almond Oil, Base Oil, Carrier Oil, Food Additive Oil

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