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1.Applicable Model:ROLAND MIMAKI MUTOH EPSON 2.Category:Sublimation Ink 3.Capacity:1000ml 4.Color:C/M/Y/K/LC/LM/LK/LLK 5.Weight:23kg/set The Characteristics of VIVID Sublimation Ink: 1.Using high-quality imported raw materials,fine particles,the average size of 0.2um,fluency,not clogging the print head,suitable for continue printing; 2.The unique formula of environmental protection,not damage the print head; 3.Transfer-tested,rubbing wear color fastness 5,perspiration resistant color fastness5,5color fastness to water,direct contact with the skin,not harmful to humans; 4.Proof of professional treatment,colorful screen,and fine reducibility. Application of digital printing and dyeing cover: Garmen printing,dyeing cloth,light industry products(shoes,capes,boxes,bags,raincoats,ties)printing,garments accessories,ribbon,and other professionals in the field of printing. Advertising,display,photography,crafts gifts,window cloth,ceramic,metal color printing and other industries.

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Sublimation Ink

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