SV-YQ Dual-use Petrol And Diesel Exhaust Testing And Fault Diagnosis System

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Model Number: SV-YQ

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[Functional feature]
Measurable emissions of petrol vehicles exhaust components and oil smoke emitted by vehicles, no other equipment, simple operation, powerful.

[Main technical feature]

Measurement Range
CO: 0-10%
CO2: 0-20%
HC: 0-10000 ppm
O2: 0-25%
NO: 0-5000 ppm
N: 0-99.9%
K: 0-16.06M-1
Petrol temperature: 0℃-150℃
Engine speed: 0-20000rpm

Zero point floating
CO: ±0.06%
CO2: ±0.5%
HC: ±30 ppm
O2: ±0.5%
NO: ±30 ppm
N: ±2.0%

CO: 0.01%
CO2: 0.1%
HC: 1ppm
O2: 0.01%
NO: 1ppm
N: 0.1%
K: 0.01m-1
Petrol temperature: 0.1℃
Engine speed; 1rpm

Indicated error
CO: ±5%
CO2: ±5%
HC: ±5%
O2: ±5%
NO: ±5%
Petrol temperature: ±2%
Engine speed: ±1%

Display method
LCD large screen display

Method of sampling
Double sampling probe, respectively for petrol and diesel exhaust emissions sampling

Main functions
Built-in printer, RS232 interface, <GB/T3847-2005><GB/18285-2005> and meet the requirements, setting plates, storage to 500 measurements.

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