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VELAS30B orthopedic therapy equipment Therapy Diode Laser System The VELAS 30 is a high performance Class 4 desktop lasers with deep tissue penetration specially designed for high-demand biostimulation. These lasers are indicated for busy physical medicine practices, sports applications and large area wound healing. With 30W adjustable pulsing power and a 980nm wavelength, the Nexus is a workhorse laser that provides pain relief with tissue healing and reduction of inflammation. Combining tissue ablation and biostimulation provides superb performance for the healthcare practitioner resulting in superior patient outcomes and increased referral potential of satisfied patients. Its ease of use makes it an excellent therapeutic instrument to be used by the supervising clinician or their support staff. Technical Parameters: . Wavelength: 980nm . Laser output power: 15/30/60w . Output modes: CW, Single or Repeat Pulse . Pulse Duration: 10us-3s/10ms-3s . Transmission System: Fibers of 200um, 400um and 600um with SMA 905 connector(200um only could be used on VELAS15B) . Aiming Beam: Red Diode Laser of 635nm, power less than 5mW . Control mode: true color touch screen . Vlotage/Current rating: 110V/220VAC, 5A, 50/60Hz or 110VAC/5A, 220VAC/10A, 50/60Hz . Dimensions: 400(W)X385(L)X200(H)mm . Weigth: 12.9Kg/13.4Kg Aims and Goals of Laser Orthopedic Therapy ◦Assist with weight loss treatment programs for obesity ◦Improve function and quality of movement after an injury ◦Improve quality of life for the geriatric and arthritic patients ◦Improved and prolonged quality of life ◦Increase of strength, range of motion, endurance and performance ◦Manage acute and chronic pain ◦Overall increased speed of recovery ◦Reduction of pain, swelling and complications ◦Restore mobility post-surgery Decreases: ◦Atrophy ◦Muscle Contracture ◦Muscle Spasm ◦Pain ◦Scar Tissue ◦Swelling Increases:

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