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Application: cable, pointelle, needle transfer, fully fashion,jacquard,simple appliqué and partial knitting and so on.
Main specifications & parameters:
Type: FKM-122
Knitting width: 48\"
Needle pitch: 5G, 7G, 12G, 14G;
Knitting system: complex knitting system, every single system can perform knit, mesh and ladder these 3 technique at one time.
Turn needle system: complex design can turn around knitting backwards and forwards at the same time.
Density control: stepping motor control 60 groups, every pair has 0-99 segment adjusting the textile tightness, option device is special two segment density triangle, which provide the loop tightness of knitting
Knitting speed: PC controls the program, 10 segment speed can be adjusted at will, maximum 1.2m/second
Needle choosing system: full jacquard style solenoid needle choosing system, provide precise and stable 8 segment needle choosing.
Yarn feeding system: 16 pieces yarn feeder are equipped at both sides of four piece double sided guiders, all can yarn feeder can switch at the needle area, and you can select to equip our quick and efficient intarsia feeder.
Sinker System: adopt sinker system, very good knitting effect.
Needle Bed System: adopt inlaid steel needle bed, very strong and stable and racking bed servo motor control.
Cloth rolling system: computer control, stepping motor control system, 31 segment pull can be adjusted at random
Protector( auto stop function): in case of yarn break ,large knot, cloth fall, needle break, yarn up, cloth rolling fault, needle strike, racking bed and machine head fault, program error, and pieces-counting end etc, motor overloading, the machine will stop automatically and showing errors and make alarm. Small knot passing the speed will get lower.
Head Driving System: Servo motor control, timing belt drives the machine head and knitting width can be set freely.
Computer system: 8\" TFT LCD display, showing the menu and knitting data.
Security device: emergency machine stop button, security cover for the machine automatic stop.
Automatic backing: system automation, process computer control.
Scissor and Yarn clip: one pair on left and right side, every pair include one scissor and two yarn clip, the yarn can be reserved or cut down at will.
Power: three 380V, 50/60HZ,

Adopt UPS power supply device: adopt CMOS technology, the machine has the automatic memory function against the sudden power off, once the power on, the machine will continue its knitting work, and never produce the waste fabric piece.
Design memory: 30M super big capability memory
knitting software: compatible with Japanese main knitting design programming software
3.5”floppy disk and USB port,
machine size: 2370*830*1950mm (L*W*H)
Net weight: 1100kg

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