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Brand Name: Vedard
Model Number: ST-IV
Place of Origin: China
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Type: Wireless
Color: White
Certificate: CE

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ST-IV Smart Brand GSM & PSTN newest technology
LCD display, voice guide, house appliance controlling,

--------------- Here the ST-IV Smart Home Professional Alarm kits

Items included:
*1 Professional GSM & PSTN alarm panel (Model No. ST-IV)
*1 Antenna built-in Magnetism Switch ( Model No. MD-210R)
*1 Indoor wireless PIR motion sensor (Model No. MC-55R)
*2 Intelligent 6 buttons wireless remote ( Model No. PB-403R)
*1 adaptor
*1 user\'s manual in English
10k resistors and screw etc. for installation.

ST-IV (GSM)Alarm Systems
Functions & features:
1. With voice indication all around the operation.
2. LCD screen indication.
3. Total 32 wirelesss zones: each zone enable to learn code automatically or enter code manually on the keypad.
4. Total 8 wired zones, connect resistor on wired zone terminal to achieve N/O or N/C alarm.
5. Enable enroll total 8 wireless remoters, 8 electronic switch, 1pc of wireless doorbell and unlimited for quantity of one way wireless siren.
6. Zone programmable: Alarm type and delay or instant alarm etc. setting can be modified.
7. Wireless detectors can be enrolled or deleted separately or simultaneously.
8. Six voice alarm receiving phone, two for CMS, four for private alarm receiving.
9. Clock & event list: built-in clock, can be set according to local time.
10. Status inspection function: Enable record and inquiry 120 alarm event message. Messages include alarm time and alarm type such as anti-tamper, detector alarm, tel-line off,arm, disarm, system setting, battery low voltage. Alarm zone number and type can be inquired.
11. Password operation: Administrator password is for systems setting such as adding or delecting detector, zone type change etc. User password is to make common operation such as arm, disarm, remote controling. Both passwords can be modified.
12. User code can be set as 4, 6 or 8 digits according to quantity of users.
13. Alarm type auto identify: After alarm triggered, LCD screen on the panel will display alarm zone#, alarm type, alarm icon. When connect to CMS, panel will report details.
14. Compatible with CSM machine: Support contact ID. Report alarm to CMS, arm/disarm to CMS optional.
15. Remote control: Enable to remote control the system via telephone such as arm/disarm, listen to the spot, trigger siren, switch on/off electronic appliance etc.
16. Vandal-proof function: Wire between panel and detector cut off or telephone cut off will make alarm.
17. Tamper-resistant: Panel removing or open will make alarm.
18. Timing arm/disarm: Enable to set 4 group arm/disarm time.
19. Timing testing: Panel will send signal to CMS to test the panel on-line status at testing time.
20. Siren: The panel with built-in siren, it can also enroll extension wireless siren. Both can be settled on/off when alarming.
21. Electronic appliance control: Enable remote inquiry and control teh on/off status of electronic appliance. And also enable to switch on/off manually.
22. Wired/wireless zone real time monitoring: Active real time monitoring function, then if zone with trouble when doing arm/disarm operation, the panel will indicate zone fault.
23. With wireless repeater, the transmitting distance from wireless detector to panel can reach to 3~5km.
24. Wireless detector low battery warning: It will send siganl to panel every one or two hour. Alarm panel will sound dee dee and LCD display low battery icon with zone number.The panel will also report to CMS and preset alarm receiving phone No.
25. Tel-line off and wireless transfer function: panel make alarm or under arm status, but find out that tel-line off, panel will send signal to preset neighbour panel and the neighbour panel report alarm instead.
26. Can enable the panel siren by pressing the emergency key on the panel or the remote controller.
27. GSM alarm function: GSM alarm report to user and alarm report to CMS in CID format. GSM & PSTN priority can be selected.

Indication if door and window do not be closed
Build-in 10XAA rechargeable battery
Support CID transmission protocol
Support 4digit or 6 digit user ID code
Can set telephone line checking cut transfer to GSM transmission automatically
Can set 2 Center Monitoring Station phone,4 alarm user phone

Wireless digital PIR detector MC-55R

Adopts self-designed MASK chip with DMT technology
Excellent interference protection with advanced digital microprocessor control technology
Digital pulse count is adjustable, output/input signal analysis, low false alarm
Anti-interference of air current and insect with completely protected and sealed optical lens,
Patented Multi-code wireless code, effectively ensure password security
Stable performance with tamper supervised, low-voltage check and status report function
Low power consumption, built-in big capacity battery, special low-power mode, ultra-long working hours.
Detection distance:12m
Detection angle: 110 D
Emitting Frequency: 433/868MHz
Built-in battery: 1.5V *3AA
Wireless magnetism contact MD-210R

Micro-power dedicated CPU.
Auto status report.
Timing report when doors/windows are not closed.
Patent Mutil code, with tamper alarm.
Built-in battery: 1.5V*2 (AA)
Emitting frequency: 433/868MHz
Magnetic range: 1.5cm

PB-403R Wireless intelligent remote

6-pressbutton Mini wireless remote
Fit for FOCUS ST wireless control panel
With emergency button and Auto residential control panel remote control function
Novelty design, convenient to take along and can be took as decorations
High sensitivity within 200 meters
Emitting frequency:433MHz/868MHz
Code:28 bit ID,8 bit function code, 36 digital code in all
Operating voltage:6V
Operating environment:-10C~+50C

Optional Accessory:
Lighting or other house electric appliance control switch:

Consumption Power: 2W
Maximum bearing power: <500W
Controlling: wireless control (433.92MHz/868MHz) or manual control
Transmittance power: 12dB
remote control distance : >50m

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