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Brand Name: BASTO
Model Number: BD003
Place of Origin: Taiwan
Minimum Order Quantity: 1200 PCS
Type: Fanshion Sunglasses
Color: Light gree, brown, gray etc.
Material: TR90,PC,Titanium,Magaluma,Metal,PC,polarized lens

Product Detail

Basto sunglasses are designed based on the principle of polarization of the light. As we know, when sunshine projects to the surface of the road or water, light will be irritated to your eyes. That will be caused dazzle, tire and cannot see objects for long time. Especially when you are driving cars and doing outdoor sports, that will be not only affect your emotion of working and entertainment, but also caused dangerous by the sense of our images to the objects. Withstand long-term exposure to direct sunlight, will be also led to a rapid decline in vision, formation of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or cataracts. *Function The special effects of driver glasses are effectively eliminate and filter out the scattered light in the beam. So that the light can transmittance tracks the axis into the eye of visual images, clear vision of nature. Just like the principle of Venetian blinds, light is adjusted to the same direction and light into the indoor space, let scenery looks softer and not harsh. With special functionality to eliminate glare lights and lead special effects to the drivers, can improve visual experience and add funny. *Other functions that driver glasses need to be fulfill Super PC bulletproof lenses to create powerful impact of the crushproof, especially bulletproof lenses (the original American imports of third-generation PC Aeronautics and Astronautics lenses), only applied to the driver glasses with high quality lens, with a thickness of only 2.1mm, regardless of the use of iron hammer or practical shotgun shooting directly, can be intact, and the case of accidental impact occurs in the driver, a strong guardian eye safety. That

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