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Brand Name: Epson
Model Number: YD-9880a
Place of Origin: China

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Digital Flatbed Printer is a new product in printing industry, it can print on the surface for various kinds of flat objects directly, such as crystal, leather, glass, metal, ceramic tile, PVC, PP, PE and so on. Any pictures can be printed on the surface of the subjects by the printer. And the printing precision is up to 5760dpi, it is the fastest flatbed printer on the current market. YUE DA flatbed inkjet printer adopts the most advanced digital printing technology; it is special for the printing problems as follow: (1) MOQ: One piece can be acceptable, no plate-making, lower cost, suitable for the small quantity. (2) Any materials can be printed. (3) Multicolor printing, chromatography is not needed, perfect color transition, amazing printing effect. (4) Good choice for the odd-shaped products, exquisite and multicolor stuff. . The digital flat-bed Printer and the Traditional manufacturing process: The traditional printing production process: 1. Screen, high cost of screen and plate making 2. Complex color, once fix the version, no revision. 3. Cumbersome process, long production circle. 4. Due to the high cost of the plate making, the mass production is needed to reduce the cost. 5. Overprints, High reject rate, large color deviation. 6. Skilled workers with many years of experience are needed. 7. Need more stuff, more proportion of handmade crafts. Multifunction Printer: 1. No plate-making, fast printing, low cost, available for the output of various of software. 2. Changing color directly by the computer, changing color wherever, no need to pay the extra fees. 3. Could meet the requirements of fast getting the sample or products even in some seconds, 4. Could print at unit price, printing in mass production, going with template matching, time saving. 5. Full color photos, finish once, progressive color could meet the image results of quality 6. Handled with fast, quality production, no need to get professional skills 7. Computer operation, no need to depend on the stuff with a lot of upgrade space

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