PHEA (Phenylethanolamine A) Rapid Test Kit

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Brand Name: Elabscience
Model Number: Catalog number: E-FS-C011
Place of Origin: USA
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Certificate: ISO9001:2008

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Catalog number: E-FS-C011 Size: 50T Qty: 1 Price: Inquire Sensitivity: 3 ppb Sample type: Urine Lead Time: 7~10 days Test principle This kit uses the principle of competitive-inhibition-GICA. It can detect PHEA (Phenethylamine A) in urine sample. After adding the sample solution into the sample well of detect card, PHEA of the sample solution combine with the gold-labelled antibody, so as to prevent the combining of gold-labelled antibody with PHEA conjugate on the cellulose membrane. When the concentration of PHEA in the sample solution is more than the detection limit, the detect line do not show color reaction and the result is positive. When the concentration of PHEA in the sample solution is less than the detection limit, the detect line shows purple and the result is negative. Technical indicator Sensitivity: 3 ppb (ng/mL) Note: The final detection limit of sample equal to the result of sensitivity multiply by dilution ratio of sample pretreatment. Detection limit: Urine-3 ppb ?????????????? Item ????Specifications Detect card ?50 T/kit Manual ??????1 copy Other supplies required Instruments: Centrifuge High-precision transferpettor: Single channel (20-200 μL) Reagent: None. Notes 1.Do not use product out of date or in a broken aluminum foil. 2.The detect card should be adjusted to room temperature after removed from the refrigerator before opening. The opening detect card should be used as soon as possible so as not to be invalid because of moisture. 3.Avoid of contacting the white membrane at the middle of the sample well. 4.The droplets cannot be mixing to avoid the cross-contaminant. 5.The tested sample should be clear, no turbidity particle and no bacterial pollution, otherwise it is easy to result in abnormal phenomena such as obstruction, unobvious color, etc., which affect the judgment of the experiment result. Storage and valid period Storage: Store at 2-30? with dry condition. Valid Period: 1 year, production date is on the packing box.

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