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Catalog number: E-BC-K042 Size: 50 tubes/48 samples Qty: 1 Price: Inquire Detection method: Colorimetric method Detection instrument: Spectrophotometry (Visible range) Valid period: 3 months Lead Time: 7~10 days Detection principle Fenton Reaction is the most common chemical reaction that generates hydroxyl free radical. The amount of H2O2 is proportional to the amount of OH¯ generated in Fenton reaction. When the electron acceptor is provided, the color develops with Griess reagent and form red substance. The color development is proportional to the amount of OH¯. *Reference sampling amount: Plasma (serum) specimen is diluted with normal saline in the ratio of 1:20. Then 0.2 mL sample is drawn for the measurement. If you have an accurate micropipette, you can take 0.010 mL plasma (serum) directly, and add 0.190 mL normal saline. 0.2 mL Supernatant of tissue homogenate is drawn for the measurement. Preliminary test needs to be done to determine specific sampling amount. Detailed preliminary test is described in the appendix. Notes 1. Each tube must be done separately, and reaction time must be one minute precisely. 2. Reagents must be added strictly in accordance with the order of operating table. Don’t prepare mixed reagents. 3. The sample solvent or medium can be normal saline and double distilled water, but must not be phosphate buffer solution or absolute ethanol, etc. 4. This method has a high detection sensitivity. When detecting samples except serum (plasma) and tissue, you’d better take the stock solution and diluted samples at different concentrations for the pre-test, such as 1:5 dilution solution or 1:10 dilution solution. If the color of the testing tube is too light, the sample may be diluted with its solvent until the color is darker. Hydroxyl free radical in water extract of pollen that has been tested showed a clearer coloration when stock solution is diluted 150 times.

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