Commercial Yogurt Ferment Machine

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Brand Name: Rikon
Model Number: RC-104
Place of Origin: China
Minimum Order Quantity: 1-99
Capacity: 35L
Packaging: export standard carton and fumigation free wood packing

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Commercial Yogurt Ferment Machine
Capacity: 25L(100cups, 250mL/cup)
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 300-750W

1. Adopt advanced technology, make sure of constant temprature fermentation at 42±1 Degree which is the best condition for the lactobacillus reproduce.

2. Built-in ultraviolet sterilization lamp tube, savelock, ventilator which can rapidly cooling the fermentaion yogurt, and auto switch to refrigeration status at 5 Degree which you is also adjustable from 2-6 degree in which condition the yogurt can be kept for 4 days.

3. Short fermentation time: 4-8 hours which is also adjustable as per your different tastes. The longer the fermentation time, the higher the acidity is.

4. Yogurt made is ivory, like jelly, rich lactobacillus,240 times higher than the standard of World Health Orgnization.


Solidification style yogurt

Rikon commerical yogurt making machine
Industrial stiring style liquid state yogurt

The best drinking time is within 3-8 hours after the yogurt was done, in which time the activity and contents of lactobacillus is very high
Missed the best drinking time in the transportation, the lactobacillus activity and contents decreased much

Numbers of lactobacillus
National standard ≥1×106/ml

Solidificatioin style yogurt contains large quantity Lactobacillus acidophilu and the colon bacillus can choose raw material and control the process yourselves
Industrial stiring , the contents of Lactobacillus acidophilu and the colon bacillus the choice of raw matrial ,production time and transportation time is not clear, and also it killed large quantities of lactobacillus after the sterilization before packing

Finished yogurt state
High thickness, appears nubby like jelly and beancurd, crystal clear
Liquid state

DIY taste
Only one kind taste

Hygine and safty
You can see the choice of raw material, processing, drinking time and edible methord
Not avaible

Made of 100% fresh milk one cup yougrt double nutrition
It contains additive, preservative, stablizer, thickner and artificial flavoring and sorbic acid

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