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Dear Talal,
This is Robinson Wen from Shaoguan Innovate Technology Equipment corporation.
Our company was established in 1998,since that time,we focus on the production and sale of hotel lock,therefore, we in China\'s reputation is getting better and better,price and quality of products, customer service, have been the majority of users recognized.
In Turkey, a customers said, choice us is equivalent to choose a quality.This is our honor.
Our products are exported to more than 150 countries around the world,now,is increasing every year,especially after the Canton Faire,our product attracted a lot of foreign customers.
I\'d rather to send you our product picture and the quotation, I hope you can make a reference.
Whether we can not cooperate, we will always be friends!
This is our
The attachment is our company information and product images.
Pls check it!

Best regards

John Wen
Floor 3 integration building,
Section A,
Industry Transfer Area,
Zhenjiang District, Shaoguan City,
Guangdong Province, China
Mobile No.:+86 18902341687 +86 751 8838096

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