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1 simplicity of operation 2 high speed 80-190m/h 3 high resolution 300dpi 4 size 1.61*0.745*1.13m 5 MOQ 10sets 1 Ultra high-speed printing: can print banners 90-180 meters /hour 2 Convenient and humanized operation, one person can operate more than one machine ,simply operate, quickly output at one time,can print such as words and patterns with white, yellow color in red cloth directly 3 The printing resolution is very high, even if the word is small as 5mm. 4 Convenient additional functions :automatically records the life of print head, open air tank and change or add water much faster. 5 The Printer supports most of the popular software in the market , such as: photoshop, cordraw, ucancam scribing software and so on.

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