LJW A4/A3 Super High White Copy Paper

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1.Superb high white copy paper
2.Without paper jam
3.High image contrast, clarity and sharpnes
4.Outstanding printing effect
LJW Super High white copy paper is a true work-horse which gives you clear crisp and excellent quality every single print/copy. It has exceptional formation and good smoothness to ensure consistent and problem-free copying. It is available in a variety of sizes and gsm for today\'s modern copy equipments.
Features and benefits:
•Pure wooden pulp neutral paper
•Not easy to yellow or become fragile
•Easy to store all kinds of files for long time
•Superb high white
•Outstanding printing effect
•Suitable for important files and documents
•High image contrast, clarity and sharpness
•Without paper jam or double feeding

1 Basic Weight: 70 gsm 80 gsm
2 Thickness: ≥93um
3 Bulk: ≥1.3 cubic cm/g
4 Bending stiffness: ≥75mN(MD) ≥32mN(CD)
5 ISO Whiteness: 103~105%
6 Hue: L≥91%; a:3.5~4.5 b:-17.o~18.5
7 Opacity: ≥90%
8 Cobb Test: 20.0~35.0 gsm
9 Sizing: ≥1.0mm
10 Breaking Length : ≥3.2 Km(MD)
11 Printing Surface Strength: ≥2.50 m/s
12 Ash Content 575°C: 15~20%
13 Smoothness: (average of the posititive and negative)≥20
(D-value between the positive and negative)≤20
14 Dirtcount: 0.3~1.5 square mm…………………≤24 piece/square metre
0.5~1.5 square mm…………………≤5 piece/square metre
>1.5 square mm………………… 0
15 Moisture: 4.0~5.0%

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