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Introduction: This product is used for iPhone 4G 4S. Including 2 x protective film, 2 x protection case, 1 x foldable charger, 1 x car adaptor, 1 x grip, 1 x audio adapter, 1 x winder, 2 x USB Cable, 1 x headset, 1 x cleaning cloth, 1 x iPhone / iPad plug cover, 1 x soft card. 1. Protective Film This product is suitable for 4G 4S which can effectively prevent screen scratches, impact resistance. Use of environmentally friendly material, non-toxic harmless. Transparency, can be effective anti-glare, anti-reflective, anti-body radiation. 2. Protection Case This product is suitable for 4G 4S, with good protection effect for maximum care of your iPhone. Beautiful and practical. 1). High mechanical strength, outstanding impact resistance and shock absorption properties. 2). Cold prominent, oil, water and resistant to mold. 3). Surface dust design, easy to dust can be cleaned easily. 3. Foldable Charger This product is suitable for 4G 4S. Within the stent to collapse to the deck, portable, lightweight and practical. User Manual: 1). To remove the socket from the charger, put the iPhone charging adaptor into the plug holder. Replace the socket at the bottom of charger. 2). To lift up the holder of charger and press it gently, the holder will be fixed. Then you can put your iPhone for charging. Attention: When activities the support please note the control intensity, to avoid damage to the stent. 4. Car Adaptor When use connect the car adaptor to 12V power of car, plug the iPhone charge cable into adaptor of USB interface for charging. Attention: When use please do not use metal objects to touch the other charger connections or contacts, or may cause a short circuit. 5. Audio Adapter This product can be input two audio signals, which can contacted two audio devices at the same time (such as the connection of two headphones or a headset connected, one speaker connection, etc. ). 6. Grip This product is designed for the 4G 4S games grip, feel good and have a good non-slip design. A rear bracket can be placed in any level of platform to watch the use. User Manual: 1). Will resist care deduction, and gently pushed up care deduction, deduction to be pushed to protect certain height, and then into the handle slot iPhone, light, flexible care deduction will automatically withhold the phone. 2). To place the console on the platform, just from the rear support bracket, and with the grip both sides form simple tripod can be. 7. Winder This product is available to the device with wire(such as headset, USB charging cable, etc. ), the easy use of equipment and storage. 8. USB Cable Large 4P-USB transfer to iPhone male plug 1PC. Large 4P-USB transfer small 5P-USB male plug 1PC. 9. Headset This product is a 3.5mm stereo headset for iPhone, iPad, iPod etc, all the console of 3.5mm audio socket digital products. 10. Cleaning Cloth High quality fiber material, which can effectively clean dust and dirt on the phone. 11. Soft card Scraping mobile phone when pasted the protection film, can prevent the residual air bubbles after paste the protection film.

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