Paintable Masking Film

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Brand Name: occ
Place of Origin: china
Minimum Order Quantity: 600rolls
Color: any color
Material: PE
Usage: auto,indoor,outdoor

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Paintable Masking Film for Automotive Refinish
-Used only for protection any contamination
-Prevent any dusty, pollution
-Multi-folded in a way to 95cm width
-Any color available
-Paintable Masking Film offers you the following advantages
*Sticks immediately to the surface of the car when places on it.
*Very flexible, suits the shape of the car and does not tear *Can be jammed between the doors, the bonnet or the boot *Transparent, can be cut in the exact size.
*The car can still be moved when it is already masked
*It does not give off fluff and dust when cutting
*The paint sticks to the film and does not peal off when it is dry!
*No more dust in the paintwork
*Closed surface structure. The paint can not get through.
*Resistant to spray booth temperatures and infrared drying.
*Absolutely waterproof, even when used with waterborne paint.
*Resistant to compressed air, can be blown dry
*The removal is as time-saying as the application.
*Can be compressed to minimum dimensions. Less waste.
*Paintable Masking Film is available OEM width(Max. 4.8M), length, thickness(Minimum 9 micron) and any color.
*Reference: Most of all, this item is the best solution for you to do masking works before paint. Unfolded HDPE film is 4M or 4.8M wide however it is folded 1/4 width, 95cm on wound roll for customers to use easily. For refinish car industry, we are sure that this is the best masking products. In detail, the film is treated by Paint Adhesive and Static effect, in other words, the film can stick to surface by itself and prevent from paint flaking while painting works

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