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Original Launch X431 Diagun III contact information: Facebook: amanda at autoltech dot com MSN: autolsale004 at hotmail dot com Yahoo ID: chenautolsale004 at yahoo dot com Skype: autolsale004 X-431 Diagun III is a new professional vehicle diagnostic tool designed and developed by LAUNCH. It\'s smart, easy to carry, convenient to use, and It\'s the stantechnicians. X431 Diagun III Features Powerful diagnostic functions Wireless diagnosis Fashion and Integrated design Better Battery system Easy to comparison and analysis Two DataStream waveforms can be displayed in one screen Hardware CPU --- 400 MHz ARM9 Wide Touch Screen --- 480X272, 4.3 -inch LCD DRAM --- 1G Battery --- 3800mAh, 10hrs Built-in hard disk--- 8G SSD Upgrading/Printer Interface--- USB wireless communication Modular --- Bluetooth USB --- 2 USB Ports (USB 2.0) Software Operation system --- WINCE 5.0 Diagnose --- Fully inherits from X431 Update --- Update online Interface optimization --- entering into diagnosis desktop directly after powering on, easy to use English/Metric Conversion for PID Values Quick upgrade --- nearly 1000 times each year How To Use It 1.Connections Bluetooth (wireless) / Cable (wired) connections
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