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Brand Name: SIMEN
Model Number: C31HD, C3R, RL09,TS30
Place of Origin: China
Minimum Order Quantity: 500

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* The alloy is made from cobalt powder of thick particles through burning in the vacuum, thus increasing its wearing resistance and prolonging its service life. * Hard welding material and special weld-processing technique can make the joint point between the tool shank and the alloy much more firm. * The 1.2mm thick snap ring, which is made of flexible steel of high quality, can bear the expansion force for a long time. * The washer with a diameter of 44mm which is made of firm elastic steel plate can reduce the abrasion to the apron. Model: KENNAMETALTS2, TS4, TS8, TS11, TS20, TS21, TS26, C4/U43H, TH3S, TH3, TS3, TS7, TS10, TS15, TS17, TS18, TS19, TS25, TS30, TS31, TS32, TS5, TS9, TS14, TS16, TS33, TS34, TS3C, TS13C, TS19C, TS5C, TS14C, TS16C, TS28C, TS29C, C4, C4-1, C6, C7, T6, T7, T12, T14, T1, T5...
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