Kennametal KPF303R Sleeve, Road Milling Bits And Block

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We specialize in supplying high quality components and replacement parts for Wirtgen,Dynapac,Roadtec etc We not only just sell road milling parts but also provide solutions. Servicing the road milling, Mining tools and Construction industries for over thirty years, we have the experience and the means to help you to resolve the most difficult cutting tasks. Asphalt Milling Cutters, Road Milling Cutters, Road Planing Bits,Trenching Bits,Road Pick Bits, Foundation Drilling Tools, Round shank cutter bits, Road Milling Tools Bits and holder for road milling, stabilizer, Mining Tools Conical tools and holders, Sleeve, Flat teeth with holder for Surface Mining, Underground Mining.Rock Drilling Tools Chisel bits, Cross bits, Button bits, Coupling, Drill Pipe, DTH bits Road milling tools: Kennametal l tools: RZ05, RZ08, RZ07, RZ19, RZ20,RZ16, RZ24, RZ25, RP01, RP05, RP06, RP07, RP19, RP20, RP26, RP10, RP11 ,RP15, RP16, RP30, RP18, RP24, RP25, RP27, RP28, RP21, RP22, RPM18 ,C3KBF, RS14, RS12, RS19, RS16, RS18, M3, SR01, SR02, SR03, SR04, SM01, SM02, SM03, SM04, SM06, SM07, CM41, SM42, CM61, CM63, CMB6, CMB6L, CM65, CMB6 Block, CMB6L Block, C10AMC Block, C10AM/LG Block, C10HD Block, C10LG Block, C10 Block, C10H Block, KPF301 Base, KPF303R Sleeve, QC100, QC110B, QC110HD, QC110H, SLB01 Block, C87RL Block, CM10AM/LG Block, C87HDS Block, C87E Block, CMB6 Block, CMB6L Block. Stablizer tools: CH31SR, AR35OT, AR3OC, AR35OST, AR35, RC01, AR150 87, AR150 87ST, C87B Block, KBB250, KB250, KB250ST, KCBL Tine, KCBR Tine, Sandvikl tool: K6LW Series, K6MT Series, K6LT series, K6MW series and Mineral Ground Tools, Road Planing and Reclaiming tool, Grading tool, Mining tools, Construction tools etc, R19 Blocks, R22 BLOCKS. Wirtgen tools: Pick for small milling machines: WM4/13, W4/13, WM1/13, W1-8/13, W4E R, W4-G/20, W5ER, W5-G/20, W5EHR, W5/20, W5L/20, W6R, W6-G/20, W6HR, W6/20, W6ER, W6L-G/20, W6EHR, W6L/20, W6 AOC R, W6M /20, W6ML-G /20, W6 AOCLR, W7 ER, W7-G/20, W7EH LL, W7/20,W8M-G/20, W8EHR,W8M/20, W1-10NR, W1-10-NG /20, W1-10R, W1-10-G/20, W1-13R, W1-13/20, W6-V/20, W6 S R, W6 SG R, W6C-V / 20, W6 / 22 XR, W6-T /22, W6SG/ 22 XR, W6C-T/22, W6 AOC / 22XR, W6M-T/22, W8 22 XR, W8-T/22, W1-13/22 R, W1-13 / 22, W1-17/22 R, W1-17/22, W6 SG/25 R, W6C/25, W8 / 25R, W8/25, W1-13-S/25, W1-15/25R,W1-15/25,W1-15-S/25,W1-19/25R,W1-19/25,WSM-13,WSM-15,WSM-17,WSM-19,WSM-22, WSM-25, HT11holder, HT11-RD22 holder, HT3 Holder, HT3-R D22 Holder, HT2 Holder, HT2 D22 Holder. Skype:bausdesales Website:
Mr. James Chuang
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