Eco Solvent Printer(3.2m,with DX5 Print Head)

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Brand Name: MT-Starjet
Model Number: MT-Starjet 5L
Place of Origin: China
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Color: CMYK
Certificate: CE
Function: printing
Supply Type: The Epson DX5 Micro Piezo Technology
Product Status: available
Width: 3.2m
weight : Net Weight: 380 kg

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3.2m MT-Starjet Epson DX5 Printer Over 10 years experience in printing technology The 5th Generation of Micro Piezo Technology Economy, Stability, Comprehensiveness 1. Micro Piezo Printing Technoligy The latest Epson 5th generation Micro Piezo printhead can reach resolution of 1440 dpi. Its extremely fine ink droplets are able to fully reflect the rich detail of the picture, and to fulfill the requirement of one meter viewing range. Suitable for both water based dye and eco-solvent pigment inks. And it can offer one to two years service life. 2. Variable Ink Droplets Technology The variable ink droplets technology can project micron grade ink drops of various sizes. Ink drops between 1.5pl to 21pl. to produce best color results, smooth gradients, and fine details. 3. Progressive Pass Compensation Technology Progressive pass compensation technology is to remove the grinning of white ground or edge overlap (banding ling), which is usually by mechanical inaccuracy and further improve the yield and save the cost. 4. Stochastic Ink-droplet Distribution With the technique, some problems caused by nozzle clog, like white strips. Even with 15% clogged, Starjet series printers can still ensure the printing quality. 5. Multi-Head Arrangement Technology Dual head can double the printing speed. In quad head model, CMYK heads can be replaced separately. This can lower the maintenance cost. User can choose among single head mode, multi-head quality mode and multi-head performance mode to meet all needs. 6. Brand-new mechanical structure It includes a linear guide drive structure, XY axis grating positioning system, multi-channel ink supply system, heating system on both front and rear platform, media absorption system, and automatic printer head service station. Besides, it also has a paper handling system that can bear loads up to 70kg and a frying system composed of eight fans. The machine weighs 220kg in total and 90%of its components are very durable. 7. USB 2.0 bundled with RIP USD 2.0 interfaces supports high speed data transmission and collaborative operation. It greatly enhances the printing performance. Ipint 3 fully complies with ICC color management standard. And it supports automatic image tiling and composition, liner color adjustment and inking management and etc. with the optional PS component, it is also able to process Adobe Postscript files. 8. Wide range of media compatibility The height of the print head is adjustable between 2-5mm, up to 1.9m media in width. Our printers are featuring ink compatibility with ECO solvent based or water based ink, also pigment or dye ink, as well as sublimation ink. Various of media printing ability including, Self-adhesive paper, PVC, Mesh fabric, Textile, PVC flex banner, Adhesive Vinyl, Photo paper, PP, Back light film, Canvas, Non-woven fabric, Chemical fabric, PU leather, Micro fibre, Leather and etc. 9. Easy to maintain & Easy to use Starjet series printers design to meet the high standard of user friendly and operation stability in the industry. It is operability, reliability and durability can compete with any other famous-brand printers in the market. 10. High performance-cost ratio Starjet series printers have world leading performance and almost half the market price to other competitors. Furthermore, the printers are able to cover 1.8 meter printing width, and the components we chose are reliable and long lasting. They are designed to satisfy customers with large yield. Introduction of products: MT-Starjet series large format printers with high resolution use the 5th Generation of Micro Piezo Technology based printer heads. They provide the output with dual CMYK colors, 3.2M printing width, and support Eco solvent based or water based ink, also pigment or dye ink, as well as sublimation ink. They are suitable for the fields of indoor/outdoor advertising, labels and signs, textile printing, decoration, gifts, wedding photos, and so on. MT-Starjet 5L The real leader of large format printer with high-resolution. Perfect combination of quality and performance. 1. Using two of Epson 5th Generation of Micro Piezo printhead, 2880 Print nozzles in total, Arranging in cross. 2. Parallelization technology of multiple printheads. Each print pass covers 2 inches area. 3. Standard mode 26m2/h, Draft mode 56m2/h, Twice as faster as competition printers. 4. Technology of Micro Piezo Printing, Variable ink droplets, Progressive Pass Compensation, Stochastic Ink-droplet Distribution. Bundles with RIP, Brand-new mechanical structure, Wide range of media compatibility, High performance to cost ratio. 5. The efficiency of the Starjet 5L printers is twice as that of the competition printers. Starjet 5L printers are very suitable for customers who need to make their volume-printings in short time. Not only reducing the investment of printer, but also lowering the cost of maintenance. Well received by professional users. Product Model MT-Starjet 5L Printing Technology The Epson DX5 Micro Piezo Technology Number of nozzles 2880 nozzles per 2 head Ink Colors 4colors : Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black Printer Head height Adjustable 2~5mm Resolution 1440dpi (Max) Ink droplet size 1.5-21 pl Printing width 3.2M (Max) Speed High speed Mode: 26m2/hour Standard Mode: 17.5m2/hour Photo Mode:13.2m2/hour Heating System The heaters for front and center platform separately. PID temperature control Temperature Temperature range: room temperature~80? Drying system External fan Media Width: 3.2 M (max media width Media feeding mode: Automatic feeder Automatic take up (optional) self-adhesive paper, PVC, mesh fabric, textile, PVC flex banner, Self Adhesive Vinyl , paper, fabric, leather and etc. Ink ECO solvent pigment ink ECO solvent Dye ink Water based dye ink Ink Supply Mode: Pipe based continues ink supply Ink Cartridge: 8 x 350ml RIP software Photoprint Rip Software Supported Image format: Tiff, Jpeg and other common image formats PostScript file process (Optional) Color Mode: RGB or CMYK Control Software Control Software MT-Starjet5 Control Software (Cn/En) Interface USB 2.0?RS232 Operating System Windows XP Voltage AC 220-240V 50/60HZ or AC 110-120V 50/60HZ Power consumption Power: 1KW (Max), 300W (Printing) Power consumption Ambient temperature: 20-25 Centi Degree Humidity Humidity: 40~70 % Non-condensing Dimension Printer Dimension(W x D x H) 4,300 x 900 x 1,250 mm (Bracket Included) Packing Dimension(W x D x H): 4,500 x 980 x 700mm (Bracket Included) Weight Net Weight: 380 kg (Bracket Included) Gross Weight: 560 kg (Bracket Included)

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