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HYPE-CUT Series is our classic model of 2D high-power Laser Cutting Machine equipped with Blade or Compact Laser Source. the power options : 1000W/2200w/3000W The working area includes 3000mm*1500mm, 4000mm*2000mm, 6000mm*2000mm Laser cutter with the unique decelerate design makes the mechanical system move stably and smoothly.The edge of cutting is smooth and there is no saw tooth. The software adopts continuous curve method to get faster cutting speed. HYPE-CUT CNC Laser Cutting Machine has numerous characteristics: small thermal distortion cutting,high cutting precision, narrow cutting slot, smooth cutting surface, fast cutting speed, high cutting quality, low noise, pollution-free, no damage to the artifacts, not effected by materials to be processed and shape of the artifacts, less use of material and cost of die, faster speed in developing new products and auto-cutting.

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