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Material: acrylic fiber Performance characteristics: high-performance high-strength polyacrylonitrile composite textile line, pre-impregnated PTFE PTFE emulsion, the process of weaving in the square once again shallow color impregnated PTFE emulsion and the special agent barrier. Has a good seal, lubrication of highly-resistant media Equipment: rotary pumps, piston pumps, valves, mixers, etc. Industry: pump, valve packing versatility Media: for in addition to acid, alkali, strong oxidizer media apart from The supply of the form: 5Kg / box packaging Pressure (MPa): 5bar (rotation) 20 bar (reciprocating) 30 bar (stem) Temperature (℃): -100 ~ +260 Line speed (m / s): 18 PH value: 2 ~ 14
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