Pre-Taped Masking Film For Painting With Normal Paper Tape Or Cloth Tape

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Brand Name: Aosheng
Model Number: TAH2-1
Place of Origin: Qingdao
Minimum Order Quantity: 1ton
Color: clear
Material: HDPE
Width: 550mm
Legth: 20m
Weight: 102g

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Product Features: 1.Used a wide range of paint industries(house,construction, shipbuilds, automotive and etc) 2.In door and out door protection 3.Prevent and flake(Fully treated Film) 4.Simple and convenient way in plastic sheet 5.Multi-Folded plastic film 6.Self static cling film Product Specifications: TBN1-1 300mm*20m TBN1-2 300mm*25m TBN1-3 300mm*30m TBN1-4 300mm*33m TBN2-1 550mm*20m TBN2-2 550mm*25m TBN2-3 550mm*30m TBN2-4 550mm*33m TBN3-1 1100mm*20m TBN3-2 1100mm*25m TBN3-3 1100mm*30m TBN3-4 1100mm*33m TBN4-1 1400mm*20m TBN4-2 1400mm*25m TBN4-3 1400mm*30m TBN4-4 1400mm*33m TBN5-1 1800mm*15m TBN5-2 1800mm*17m TBN5-3 1800mm*20m TBN5-4 1800mm*25m TBN5-5 1800mm*33m TBN6-1 2100mm*15m TBN6-2 2100mm*17m TBN6-3 2100mm*20m TBN7-1 2400mm*15m TBN7-2 2400mm*17m TBN7-3 2400mm*20m TBN8-1 2700mm*15m TBN8-2 2700mm*17m TBN8-3 2700mm*20m TBC1-1 550mm*25m TBC2-1 1000mm*25m TBC3-1 1100mm*25m TBC4-1 1500mm*25m TBC5-1 1800mm*25m TBC6-1 2100mm*25m TBC7-1 2400mm*25m TBC8-1 2700mm*25m Thickness: 8mic~10mic Material: HDPE The series of TBN are made of normal temperature paper tape. The series of TBC are made of cloth tape.
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