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Suzhou Universal metal Products CO.,LTD is a modern professional industry and trade combined enterprise, specializing in producing and trading custom machined castings and forgings.
The main products of our company are:
A). Forgings
The forgings are all kinds of open die forgings, such as shafts, gears, wheels,flanges and rolled-ring forgings.  

B). Castings
(1) cement machinery castings. Products are gears, gearbox and so on.
(2) ship fittings. Products are anchor chain, hook, pulley and so on.
(3) mining machinery castings. Products are hammer plate, frame, connecting rod,housing and so on.
(4)Petroleum machinery castings. Products are body, piston, side door, cylinder cover, casing head,casing spool,etc
(5) Pump and valve castings.
(6) metallurgical equipment castings. Products are chock supports, frame, guide system,etc.
(7) wind power castings. Products are wheel hub and other parts.
(8) steel plant equipment, such as slag container, etc.
(9) investment precision castings.

C). CNC Machining
Our Company also provides rough machining or final machining.

D). Material
The material includes alloy steel, carbon steel, ductile iron, gray cast iron, non-ferrous metals

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Suzhou Universal Metal Products CO., LTD
Casting, Forging

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