Motorcycle Chrome/Alloy Wheel Rim 1.40-18 For Motorbike Cg125/Cg150/CD70/Cy80/V8

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Brand Name: FATOO
Place of Origin: Chongqing,china
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Color: Black,Gray,Chrome
Material: aluminium
Certificate: ISO

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Motorcycle Chrome/Alloy Wheel Rim 1.40-18 for Motorbike Cg125/Cg150/CD70/Cy80/V80/Cub110/Ax100 parts Material:Aluminum Diferent size of chrome rim: 1.20*16 1.50*10 1.60*16 1.85*18 1.50*17 1.60*21 1.85*19 1.20*17 1.50*12 1.60*17 2.15*16 1.50*18 1.85*12 2.15*17 1.20*18 1.50*14 1.60*18 2.15*17 1.50*19 1.85*16 2.15*18 1.40*10 1.50*16 1.60*21 2.15*18 1.50*21 1.85*17 2.50*15 1.40*12 1.50*17 1.85*10 2.50*16 1.60*14 1.85*18 2.50*17 1.40*14 1.50*18 1.85*12 2.50*17 1.60*16 1.85*19 2.75*15 1.40*16 1.60*10 1.85*14 2.50*18 1.60*17 1.85*16 2.75*17 1.40*17 1.60*12 1.85*16 1.50*14 1.60*18 1.85*17 1.40*18 1.60*14 1.85*17 1.50*16 1.60*19 1.85*18 Features: -Spare parts for various models -Mature motorcycle spare parts system -Insist on developing spare parts for more motorcycle models -Main market: Africa, MID east, South America, etc Applies to following motorcycle, MOTORCYCLE: AX100, CD70, CG125/150, DT70, XR70, GN125, GY200, HJ70, MT125, WY125, XL125, ZS200GY. Cruiser250-A MOPED CUB: 48Q, FUTURE STAR, JY110, VENUS, DY100 SCOOTER: DOCTOR A, SUNNY, 50QT, B SERIES, HANDSOME BOY, EAGLE, PRINCESS Japanese BRAND: BIZ125, BIZ(C100), C50/70/90, C100, CBT125, CBX, CG125/150, CG125 FAN, G125 TITAN, CG125 CARGO, CGL125, DIO, GRAND, HERO, STORM125, WAVE(C100), WIN100, CD70, CM125, DREAM(C100), TACT50, NXR150, TITAN99, TITAN150, TITAN 2000, BWS, CY80, JOG, MIO125, V50/80, YBR125, CRYPTON, CRGNUS125, DT125/175, DX100, FUZZY125, DT125/175, AD50/V100, AN125, EN125, GN125, GS125, GXT200, HJ125, XSTAR125, YES125, A100, AX100, K90, SHOGUN110/125 INDIAN BAJAJ BRAND: BOXER, BOXER CT100, DISCOVER125/135, PLATION100, PULSAR150/180/2000, XCD125 GENESIS BRAND: XM200GY, GXT200, HJ125-7, HJ125T-11A KEEWAY BRAND: HORSE125/150, SPEED150, TX200, OWN, JAGUAR150, MATRIX15, ARSEN II OTHER BRAND: BUXY50, JAWA, MBK, PGT, SYM, PIAGGIO We provide different motorcycle parts as alloy rim, head light, tire, tube, piston, clutch Plates, cylinder body...etc and motorcycle accessories as helmet, riding suit, gloves, Reflector, etc for different motorcycles as CG125 motorcycle, CG150 motorcycle, CGL motorcycle, CY80 motorcycle, V80 motorcycle, off-road motorcycle, CUB motorcycle, WY motorcycle, GY motorcycle, AX100 motorcycle, ATV, CD70 motorcycle, 48Q motorcycle, etc at good quality and special price. ------------------------- We professionally manufacture 1kw-12kw gasoline power generator 650W portable gasoline power generator We also provide Motorbike parts as headlight, side mirror, battery, engine, piston rings, etc for Different motorbike as 48CC/70CC/80CC/100CC/110CC/125CC/150CC/175CC/200CC motorbike CG motorbike, CGL motorbike, CY80 motorbike, V80 motorbike, CUB motorbike, Street bike, City bike, DIRT bike, Off-road motorbike, WY motorbike, GY motorbike, AX100 motorbike, ATV, CD70 motorbike, 48Q motorbike, etc Motorcycle accessories as helmet, riding glove, MP3 player, etc We are looking forward to your any inquiry of our motorcycle parts products.
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