MHZ Paper NFC Label, Mifare NFC Tag

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13.56 MHZ Paper NFC label,Mifare NFC tag
Near Field Communication (NFC) is a standards-based,proximity contactless connectivity technology that enables simple and safe two -way interactions between electronic devices ,allowing consumers to perform contactless transactions,access digital content, and connect electronic devices with a single approach.

NFC tag Feature - Operating Frequency: HF 13.56MHz,UHF 860~960 MHZ
- Standard: ISO14443 A/B,ISO 15693,ISO18000- Dimension:15*30mm,15mm*35mm,28mm*45mm,25mm*40mm,86mm*54mm or Customize
- Thickness: 0.2 mm - 1cm
- Substract Material Transponder: PET + AL antenna
- Antenna: AL Etching with thickness 0.03mm , Copper coil Altrasonic Embeding;
- Read range : 15mm - 50mm, depand on the reader and tag antenna size.
- Working temperature:-25°C ~ +55°C
- Store temperature: -25°C ~ +65°C
Printing Option - Offset Printing
- Digital Printing
Additional crafts -ID number coding: Jet Dot printing, Thermal Transfer Printing, Optional: Digital Printing, Laser Engrave Printing
Application - Mobile phones
- Turnstiles
- Vender
- Loyalty system for promotion
- Parking meters
- e-Payment
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This sticker is backed by a Mifare Ultralight chip. It can store up to 48 bytes of user data which can be made read-only.
It is metal-isolated, which means it can be placed directly on metal. It will work on metallic surfaces such as your macbook pro. This sticker is made from PVC. It\'s tougher and more water and weatherproof than paper,
Customized printing is available.

Mifare RFID Tag Product specification:
Substrate: PET with etched Aluminum antenna,
Smart Label thickness with adhesive is 0.2-0.5mm
Delivery on singularised or on reel

IC available at 13.56MHz nominal

NXP Mifare1 S50(mifare 1K, or mifare classic 1K ), Mifare1 S70(mfiare 4K), Desfire MF3ICD41, Mifare Ultralight,Mifare Ultralight C chip, Icode1, Icode Sli,
Legic mim256, JWL872, TI256, TI2048, INSIDE picopass 2KS

Mifare chips typically operate at a distance of up to 10cm depending on the power provided by the reader. Ideal for various low-cost contactless ID/ticketing applications as well as NFC-based systems.

This mifare RFID tags sticker is NFC forum type 2 compliant, like mifare nfc tag.

Available Dimensions (mm):
85.5x54,80x50,73*23,55*17, 50x50, 40*25, 38*25, 35*35, 30*15, φ45, 43*26, 32*32, 37*25, 32*27, 19*35, φ25,100*15,
50*35(mount on metal tag), φ50(mount on metal tag, 50*50., 25*31
Othersize will be available as well

Please welcome contact if you have special requirement for tag size! Our R&D department will do antenna designing for you.

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